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Over time we'll be adding updates on the progress of the Heritage Project along with details of upcoming events, training opportunities, how you can get involved and the stories we've uncovered.

For the latest updates please read below


On the website we're going to be building a timeline picking out the key points in the history of the Sheffield Eagles. We'll be including things such as the formation of the Club in 1984, the Challenge Cup win in 1998, the formation of the new Club in 1999, the demolition of Don Valley Stadium in 2013, the 1895 Cup win in 2019 and the first game at the completed Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park in 2022. What else do you think we should include? What do you think are the key points in the history of the Club? Let us know HERE and we'll build up a list of what could include.

Player Profiles

Player records for every one of the 547 players who have played for the men's team have now been uploaded. They are accurate up to 17th February 2023 - we'll update the stats and details for the current squad on at least a quarterly basis. You can find them by searching on the Collections section of this site.

You can either browse through every page - there are over 100 now though in the collections! - or search for a specific player. Now that we have the basic details on there (heritage number and playing record) we can start to add more where we have it - photos, videos, stories, etc as well as a full list of the heritage numbers. Over the next few month as we add details of each season we'll be able to group the players together there to make them easier to find. Next on the list is to add the player records for the women's and wheelchair teams that should be in the next few weeks.Any other suggestions on what you want to see on the player profiles or how we can use them? If you'd like to write biographies for any players or add your memories of the player then just get in touch HERE.

Oral History Training

Would you like to get learn more about how to carry out and record interviews as part of our oral history work? We are holding a free training session on Saturday 18th February between 10am and 4pm at the English Institute of Sport Sheffield in Attercliffe. In the future you can then get involved in recording interviews with players, fans and coaching staff to capture their memories, stories and experiences but you don't have to. You can just join us for the day to learn more and develop your skills. The day will include the chance to learn about what equipment to use, the paperwork needed, interview techniques, getting the most out of people and what to do with the recordings. You can find a useful introduction to what oral history is HERE.

If you'd like to book a place on the day or if you've got any questions then just contact us HERE.

Website launched

Welcome to the newly launched Sheffield Eagles Heritage Project website. We've been working with Hive a Sheffield based digital agency, to develop the site. Developing a website isn't easy but we've worked with them through a series of workshops to really understand what the website is for, who it's aimed at and how it should look. All this within an extremely tight budget, we really appreciate everything that Hive have done.

The site as you see it at the moment is currently a "work in progress" which we'll be adding to all the time. Any feedback in how it's looking or any errors you spot then please let us know.

Still to be added to the website are:

  • Search function: You'll be able through a simple search box to be able to search the entire site, including any documents we've uploaded.
  • Heritage numbers: The full list of heritage numbers of every player who has ever played for the Sheffield Eagles, including members of the men's, women's and wheelchair teams.
  • Player records: There will be player profiles for every player who has ever played for the Sheffield Eagles, including members of the men's women's, wheelchair and LDSL team.
  • Collections: Photos, documents and videos from the last 40 years.
  • Shirts: A full photographic record of every shirt (home, away and third shirt) from the last 40 years, including details of manufacturer and sponsors.
  • Interviews: Audio and video interviews with fans, players and staff from across the history of the Sheffield Eagles.

If you have any photos, memories or memorabilia that you'd like to share with us then please get in touch here. The Heritage Project is very much about collecting and sharing stories so please feel free to contribute and suggest any stories you'd like adding.

25th anniversary of the Challenge Cup victory

May 2nd will mark the 25th anniversary since the Sheffield Eagles historic victory over Wigan in the 1998 Challenge Cup. Working with the Club we’ve got a series of events and activities planned, details of which we’ll share soon.

Weston Park Museum

We're delighted to be working with Sheffield Museums to put together a display case in the Sheffield Life & Times section of Weston Park Museum. For 18 months this display case will showcase what the Sheffield Eagles have achieved and raise awareness of the Club across the City. Do you have any interesting items from the Club's past- ticket stubs, posters, memorabilia, or any other items that you think might be of interest? If so, then then please get in touch so we can see whether they can be included..

Heritage Certificates

The plan is to produce certificates for all 541 players (to date) from the men’s team, along with players from the newly established women’s and wheelchair teams. We’ll present these certificates to the players at a series of events over the next year.

Shirt Designs

Work is now well underway on compiling a definitive list of every shirt design – home, away and third kit – from throughout the Club’s history. We’ll take photographs of every shirt, share them on the website and then use them as the starting point for further activities.

40th anniversary of the Sheffield Eagles

In September 2024 the Sheffield Eagles will be 40 years old. Though the Heritage Project will have finished by then the work we will have carried out will be the starting point for a variety of events and activities during the 2024 season.