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Sheffield Eagles v Newcastle Thunder

On Friday 7th April the Sheffield Eagles played their next game of the 2023 season, away to Newcastle Thunder

We look back to the first time that Sheffield Eagles played Newcastle Thunder (or Gateshead Thunder as they were then known).

The first game against each other

Sheffield Eagles and Newcastle Thunder played each other for the first time on 30th May 1999 when they were known as Gateshead Thunder. That was Gateshead's first season and last in that form, before like they Sheffield Eagles they "merged" with another team (in their case Hull FC) at the end of that season. Like the Eagles a group of passionate supporters brought Gateshead Thunder back, in their case in the 2001 season.

The game in 1999 was away with the Eagle losing 26-18 with tries from Keith Senior, Karl Lovell and Steve Molloy with three goals from Martin Pearson.

Share your memories

Do you have any memories of games between Sheffield Eagles York Knights that you'd like to share. Share them with us HERE.


Richard King

Richard King