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Brian Moore

Brian was added to the Roll of Honour in 2022 to mark his contribution to the Club as a kit manager for many years.

Brian Moore

Brian Moore is an unsung Sheffield Eagles hero. Many fans may have seen him on the touchline or at the back of the stands but not realised who he was. Brian has been an integral part of the Club for over 20 years as The Club’s kit manager. This has been in a purely voluntary capacity alongside his career in the Royal Mail before his retirement. He has carried out this role with the minimum of washing machine equipment at his disposal. It was only with the move to the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park that there was a dedicated washing machine for him in a kit room. In addition to his kit manager role with the Sheffield Eagles he was also kit manager for the Ireland Rugby League team at two World Cups, taking him across the world. Brian has gained the respect of the players over the years as they know they can rely on him to provide them with what they need to perform on the pitch. Brian is dependable and conscientious but also modest, so inclusion in the Roll of Honour is a chance to celebrate and recognise his key role in the Club.

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