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From here you can find out more about what has been added to the Heritage Project website and explore the stories, collections, timeline and more.

This page will be updated on a regular basis as more is added to make it easier for you to find out what there is to discover that you might not have seen before.


We've summarised below the stories that have been added to the website covering some of the key moments in the history of the Club. You can visit the Stories page HERE and search for your self.

You can browse through the stories, moving between the pages by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom of the page. Otherwise use the search box to see if we have a story about a particular player, event, ground, opposition team or something else. More stories are being added all the time.


The Collections page is full of documents, programmes, files, photos, videos and images that we've added to the website. They are used to illustrate stories and pages across the website but you can also search the Collections. You can find the page HERE.

If you are searching for something particular, such as details of a player, opponent or ground then just type the details into the search box. You can then narrow the search down by using one or both of the drop down menus. Browse by Category allows you to look for specific types of items such as programmes, player profiles or shirts. You can then narrow it down further using Filter By Season which will show you the seasons that there are any items for. If an image or document doesn't show immediately then if you refresh the page then that should bring it up. If a small square with an arrow is visible in the top right hand size of an image then that means you can click on it and open it as a separate document.

Hall of Fame and Roll of Honour

The Heritage Project, working with the Club helped relaunch the Hall of Fame and created a new Roll of Honour to site alongside it. Both are celebration of those who have contributed to the success of the Sheffield Eagles, both on and off the pitch. The Heritage Project website is the first time that you are able to find out who has been inducted into each category, without visiting the Eagles office and looking on the wall. You can out more details HERE with links to the entries for each of those in the Hall of Fame or Roll of Honour.


The timeline provides an overview of the history of the Sheffield Eagles, starting with origins of the Club all the way to the most recent season. This provides a quick snapshot of each year and over time we'll be adding more detailed reviews of each season covering key developments, match summaries, results, tables and player statistics for that season. As you can imagine it's a big undertaking but so far we have included reviews of the 2000 and 2012 seasons. More will be added very soon. You can see the timeline HERE.


Thanks to the hard work of long term Eagles fan Ian Swain he has scanned his collection of programmes (home and away) dating back to 1995. With further programmes that have also scanned that now means there are nearly 600 programmes on the website. If you go to the Collections page HERE and click Programmes in the drop down menu under Browse by Collections. When you click through to the programme you're looking at if it doesn't immediately show then just click refresh on your browser. As some of the files are very large they may not show immediately.

Player Profiles

Richard Pepper, the Club statistician has been keeping records of all the players who have played for the Sheffield Eagles since the first ever game. We've used those records and uploaded them to the site so the record of every player who has ever played for the Club (548 as of November 2023) can be found on the Collections page HERE. If you know the specific player you are looking for then just type their name in the Search box then click Player Profile in the Browse by Collections drop down menu. You'll be able to find their heritage number, date of debut, number of games played and points scored.

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Below is a list of some of the stories we've already added to the website that you may be interested. Just click on the title to be taken straight to the story. More stories are being added all the time.

THE BIGGEST UPSET IN CHALLENGE CUP HISTORY - When the Sheffield Eagles defied the odds to beat Wigan in the 1998 Challenge Cup Final

THE WEMBLEY RETURN - In 2019 the Sheffield Eagles won the inaugural 1895 Cup and maintained their unbeaten record at Wembley

THE DON VALLEY - A brief history of the Don Valley area of Sheffield, associated with the Sheffield Eagles for over 30 years

2012 - GRAND FINAL GLORY - The Eagles win the Championship Grand Final for the first time

2013 - BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS - Sheffield Eagles become the first club to retain the Championship title

HOW IT STARTED - A brief introduction to the history of the Sheffield Eagles

THE "NO FANS, NO GROUND!" NOMAD YEARS: 2013-22 - The closure of Don Valley Stadium at the end of the 2013 season marked the beginning of a very uncertain time for Sheffield Eagles and its supporters

REMEMBERING DON VALLEY STADIUM - A short history of Don Valley Stadium and some personal memories

A CHAT WITH BIG JON BRUCE - An interview with Jon Bruce, former Eagles' player and Club captain

FOOTAGE OF THE FIRST EVER SHEFFIELD EAGLES GAME DISCOVERED - Full footage (including commentary) of the first ever Sheffield Eagles game on 2nd September 1984 against Rochdale Hornets

SHEFFIELD EAGLES FULL MONTY CONNECTION - How the 1996 shirt became linked to the Full Monty film

NATIONAL SPORTING HERITAGE DAY 2023 - Details of all the activities the Sheffield Eagles Heritage Project has organised linked to National Sporting Heritage Day 2023


SHEFFIELD EAGLES LITERACY KICKS - Find out more about the literacy project the Sheffield Eagles Heritage Project and Literacy Kicks ran in September 2023

THE EAGLES FLY - A 20 minute documentary from 1996 covering the first 10 years of the Sheffield Eagles. It includes interviews and match footage highlighting the challenges and achievements of the first 10 years

40 FROM 40 YEARS - A chance to help select 40 players to represent the first 40 years of the Sheffield Eagles.