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Sheffield Eagles Full Monty Connection

14th June 2023 saw the launch of the Full Monty TV series on Disney+, the follow up to the 1997 film

The film holds a special place for the Sheffield Eagles as the original film features Mark Addy's character Dave in a number of scenes wearing the shirt.

Paris St. Germain v Sheffield Eagles

The shirt was the Club's away kit for 1996 and also has a place in rugby league history as it was worn in the first ever game in the Super League era when the Eagles played Paris St Germain in Paris on 29th March 1996.

Jean-Marc Garcia, Paris St Germain v Sheffield Eagles 29th March 1996
Paris St Germain v Sheffield Eagles 29th March 1996
Dean Lawford, Paris St Germain v Sheffield Eagles 29th March 1996
Lynton Stott, Paris St Germain v Sheffield Eagles 29th March 1996
Mick Cook, Dale Laughton, Pall Carr, Danny McAllister and Jean-Marc Garcia

The Full Monty Connection

We wondered how the shirt ended up being used in the film so got in touch with Jill Taylor, the costume designer of the original film and she told us:

If memory serves me well, and it is twenty seven years since we made the movie, so I’m a little hazy, it was scripted that Gaz was wearing a football shirt and that Dave liked rugby, so as we were filming in Sheffield and I liked the design of the shirt, as did Mark, that’s what we went for.
Jill Taylor
1996 "Full Monty" Away Shirt - Front
1996 "Full Monty" Away Shirt - Back

Weston Park Museum

Amongst the fans the shirt is known as the Full Monty shirt and during the 1997 season the Full Monty connection was used by the Club to promote games. We've recently celebrated the significance of the shirt as part of the display case at Weston Park Museum we've produced with Sheffield Museums. The shirt is one of a number of items to capture the 40 year history of the Sheffield Eagles and you can visit it until the middle of 2024.

Display Case, Weston Park Museum


Richard King