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Footage of the first ever Sheffield Eagles game discovered

Below you can find full footage (including commentary) of the first ever Sheffield Eagles game on 2nd September 1984 against Rochdale Hornets.

The Sheffield Eagles Heritage Project was contacted by long time Sheffield Eagles Fan Dean Palmer to let us know he has a digital version of a VHS tape of the first ever Sheffield Eagles game. We're delighted to be able to share it, but also make sure it as archived for the future.

Sheffield Eagles v Rochdale Hornets

The Heritage Project has produced previous stories about the first Sheffield Eagles game and was able to share digitised versions of the match programme, photos from the game and people's memories. We're delighted now to be able to share a full video, including commentary of that first ever game. Dean's parents were both at that first game and had a VHS copy of the game that was digitised. Dean's parents helped run the Eagles Colts team in the late 1980s with Dean playing for them and the original Hillsborough Hawks team.

Commentary on the game was by Martyn Sadler now the editor of the League Express - at the time he was a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.

As you can imagine the picture quality isn't what we're used to today - it's transferred from an almost 40 year old VHS tape. It does capture the occasion though and the historic first appearance of the Sheffield Eagles.

Sheffield Eagles v Rochdale Hornets, 2nd September 1984

Share Your Memories

Were you at the first game? What are your memories of it?

We're also keen to track down the players from that first game as we'd like to organise an event with them later in the year. If you were a player in that first game or you are a relative of them then please get in touch.

You can contact the Heritage Project HERE.


Richard King