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Before the first competitive game

Sunday 2nd September 1984 is recognised as the first ever competitive Sheffield Eagles game but there were some friendly games before that to prepare.

The Sheffield Eagles played a number of games before the first game on 2nd September 1984 when they beat Rochdale 29-10. Before that were a series of tournaments and friendlies to prepare for the game.

Castleford Tigers - 10th August 1984

It seems that Sheffield played their first ever friendly against Castleford on Friday 10th August 1984. We're currently in the process of finding a programme from that game which we'll upload when we have it.

The Eagles lost the game 44-20 but try scorers were Mark Campbell, Richard Davies, Mark Q Campbell and Paul McDermott with two goals from Dave Alred.

The Sterling Sevens - Sunday 12th August 1984

On the same weekend that the Eagles played Castleford Tigers the Eagles took part in the Sterling Sevens tournament in Wakefield.

Sheffield Eagles - Sterling Sevens 12/08/1984

Listed in the programme as playing that day for the Eagles were: Neil Cooper, John Magyar, Andy Tyers, Paul McDermott, Quinten Campbell, Gary Hetherington. Ian Jowitt, Steve Robinson and Mark Campbell. In an annotated version of the programme from the Wakefield Trinity Heritage site the team is actually shown as being Neil Cooper, John Magyar, Steve Robinson, Paul McDermott, Quinten Campbell, Gary Hetherington, Steve Cooper, Richard Davies and Ian Jowitt.

The Eagles drew Warrington in the first round and lost 16-6 so didn't progress any further with Castleford beating St Helens 16-12 in the final.

The programme we have includes signatures of all the Sheffield players. Not much more is known about the Sterling Sevens so if you have any further information then please share it with us.

Keighley - 22nd August 1984

The final friendly before the Eagles first competitive game was away to Keighley on a Wednesday night.

Sheffield Eagles v Keighley 22/08/1984

There were a number of A N Others playing for the Eagles team that day but the team listed included: Ray Smith, Mark Campbell, E Powell (which is presumably Daryl Powell), Dave Alred, Steve Robinson, P Hayden (who doesn't seem to feature again), Billy Harris, Gary Hetherington, Steve Cooper, Ian Jowitt, Paul McDermott, Richard Davies and Steve Harvey. The Eagles went on to win the game 24-15, so this looks like the first ever win for a team playing under the banner of the Sheffield Eagles.

Sheffield Eagles v Keighley Pre-Game Team Photo 22/08/1984. Copyright holder unknown.

Further Information

If you've got any further information about any of the pre-season friendlies and games before the 2nd September 1984 then please let us know. You can contact us HERE.


Richard King