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Eagles Players from France

Former Sheffield Eagles Players from France receiving their heritage certificates.

Players from France

Sheffield Eagles has a long tradition of players coming to the Club from around the world, many of them from France. The first was David Fraisse playing 31 times for the Eagles in the 1993/94 season. He was followed over the years by Laurent Lucchese, Freddie Banquet, Jerome Vincent, Jean-Marc, Garcia, Freddie Teixido, Théo Gonzales-Trique, Thibault Margalet, Remy Marginet, Nabil Djalout, Thibault Franck, Stan Robin and most recently Max Garcia, playing 17 times in the 2018 season.

Presentation of Certificates

Every player who has ever played for the Sheffield Eagles is given a heritage number to mark the point they played for the Club. The Sheffield Eagles Heritage Project, is going to produce certificates for all players and present them over the next year.

We were fortunate that on a trip to France at the end of 2022 Mark Aston and Ian Swire (former Chair of the Club and advisor to the Heritage Project) were able to present heritage certificates to five of the French former Eagles players.

  • Laurent Lucchese - 177
  • Freddie Banquet - 184
  • Freddie Teixido - 221
  • Stan Robin 441
  • Max Garcia - 481
Mark Aston, Laurent Lucchese and Ian Swire
Mark Aston, Freddie Banquet and Ian Swire
Mark Aston, Freddie Teixido and Ian Swire
Mark Aston, Stan Robin and Ian Swire
Mark Aston, Max Garcia and Ian Swire

We'll be presenting more certificates over time to French based players.

Share Your Memories

Who was your favourite French player who played for the Eagles? Share your memories here.


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