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Reaction after the Game

What players, staff and fans said at the time

Quotes from 1998 after the Sheffield Eagles won the Challenge Cup final.


I’ve been at the Club a long time and we’ve had some high points and some low points but this is unbelievable. I’m really proud of the team today. We had such a never say die approach. We never gave Wigan an inch. They are a great bunch of lads – it’s a real family atmosphere at the Club.
Paul Broadbent
I’m on top of the world. We were the underdogs but we had self-belief and we really gave it to Wigan. The last 10 minutes seemed like for ever but when it got to the 78th minute and they had to score twice we knew we had the game.
Michael Jackson
I’ve never had a feeling like this before in a rugby league side. We were so focused we could have played anyone and beaten them.
Dave Watson
It’s unbelievable – especially as so many people said we had no chance. We had so much control and they were always playing catch up.
Paul Carr
Their tactics were superb. Paul Broadbent led from the front and their pack was really up for it.
Andy Farrell, Wigan
It was fantastic, I still can’t believe it. It was the way we won. I’m so proud of the team
Kath Owen, fan
We’re not individuals, we are a team and when you’ve got a team that believes in itself look what happens.
Mark Aston
I’m the proudest man from South Yorkshire, the proudest man in London and the proudest man in England. The whole day was unbelievable, much more than I expected. I’m not an emotional fella but I couldn’t stop the tears from coming. I had to wipe them away as we went up to get the Cup and collect our medals.
Dale Laughton