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Share Your Memories of 1998

Share your memories from the historic 1998 Challenge Cup victory

Does programme from the 1998 Challenge Cup bring back memories for you? Would you like to share them with the Heritage Project as part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations?

Share Your Memories

Were you at the 1998 Challenge Cup final at Wembley? Did you watch it on television? What are your memories of that game, the previous rounds, the build up to the final and what happened afterwards?

As part of the celebrations for the 25th Anniversary of the historic win we'd like you to share your memories. Let us know by email or by commenting on our Facebook page. Have you got photos from the day? Have you got any memorabilia? Why not send us a voice note or short video of your memories and we'll include it as part of the activities we're putting together to mark the day.

You can contact us HERE.

Read the Programme

You can read the full version of the 1998 programme below.

Part 1

1998 Challenge Cup Programme Part 1

Part 2

1998 Challenge Cup Programme Part 2

Part 3

1998 Challenge Cup Programme Part 3
Richard King